Flexibility and Range of Motion | Beginner Yoga With Tara Stiles

Follow us on YouTube: youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=livestrongwoman Today I’m going to show you basic moves to get you started opening …
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  1. I feel so bad after doing this. I couldn’t catch up… but it’s mostly because I’m so stiff I could cry. I’ll keep doing this until I’m flexible ^^

  2. i don’t think that the music is very fast or even her talking. in my opinion it’s very relaxing, but it’s true that you can’t keep up with her, but i think for me it’s just because she’s talking english and i’m from germany. 😛

  3. try calf stretches and stretch the general leg muscles. thats what I’ve been doing, twice a day before I start yoga and I feel it really helps.

  4. Sindney, sweetheart you are 11. You are naturally more flexible and spritely because you are young. Some ladies who may be a wee bit older, or just starting out may have a harder time at first. Everyone should move at a pace that is comfortable to their selves.

  5. writing might not help …but here’s what i did…i watched the video first w/o attempting to do it and then familiarised myself with all the moves…i have done some yoga videos before so i knew the basic moves…once you know this you should feel more comfortable following her videos..also keep your laptop closeby so that you can pause and hold a posture for longer :)

  6. gorgeous

  7. Thanks so much it really helped! It was harder than expected though:)

  8. Some options for those that are not very flexible would be helpful, like what to do if you can’t put your heels down in downward dog, or if its difficult to keep both legs straight in the high lunge when bending over the front knee.

  9. come on! These are SUPER easy! I’m only 11 and i can do them!!!! WOMAN UP!

  10. I thought the same when I first watched her videos (3 years ago). Try the moves at your own comfortable timing. Give 6-8 deep breathes on each move. We can use this video and make it 1 hour work out. She made all of her videos fast and short. We just have to try out each move and put them together in our own way. Hope it helps.

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  12. great vid, but you talk really fast :(

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  15. You are right, it moved so fast I couldn’t keep us as a beginner, and she talked fast. The music was fast…I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing…

  16. This is so awesome…love it

  17. she talks fast.. love it though

  18. Thank u I love u:)

  19. Just did this at work after a long day. Thanks!

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  23. legs like jelly

  24. Because Im fat haha

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